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We offer various trailers for various needs. We current have 6 different styles in stock and as time goes on, there are more to come through.


We are a 24/7 facility, unlike many trailer rentals, because in order for us to be successful, we have to want to help you be successful at any given time.


We a low-cost trailer rental provider, but we do require a 30-day minimum, which only saves you money in the end.


Outstanding Services

We are on top of our game as it speaks in our name. We are your primary trailer rental associate and stand strong behind every single service we provide, because it is the reason for our repeated clients.

Trailers available

Go 2 Prime Rental has several trailers available of which are the most popular choices for your trailer needs. We are your primary refrigerated trailer source and we have currently 5 different types.

Name for Quality Vehicles

Quality is our top priority! We aim to rent out the best trailers to every new and repeated client. The strive for quality is not an easy one, but we guarentee to provide 100% quality @ 100% of the time.

Prime Services

Not only are we just a refrigerated trailer rental provider, but we also offer various services like pintle hook trailer attachment, ball attachment, along with brokerage services, and van hire as well.

Every trailer Every time!

We are prime rental because we are your go to rental every time. Every style of trailer that we own, we have it available at any moment, and we are prime rental because we are available any time in need.

Daily Support

Success works out best when it is done in teams, and the only way you can be successful with your trailer rental is with our daily support through email and phone service as well.


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